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By Liutauras Adomaitis on September 20, 2017

Group Managers who have multiple domains registered with Kolab Now often ask if they can keep some of their users separate from other users, but not strictly divided by the email address domain name.

Let’s imagine a Group Manager account with and registered; Kolab Groupware community contributors are supposed to have email addresses, but we don’t give them out lightly (they’re a well-earned badge of honor). Demo accounts are supposed to be created as email addresses, but we would still like the entire group to be able to share content with one another (such as the shared folders with mailing list archives, roadmap documents, marketing collateral, etc.).

An administrator would create a new account,, but set the sharing domain to

In more detail, Group Managers will find their Cockpit’s “Hosting” -> “Add New User” dialogue to contain two options;

  1. The first is the desired primary email address local part (what comes before the @), and a drop-down menu for the email address domain (what comes after the @),
  2. The second is a drop-down menu for the “Sharing Domain”.

What is it?

Our IMAP implementation, Cyrus IMAP, uses the domain part of the user’s login as an “authorization realm”. Since crossing the boundaries between authorization realms is prohibited, a user could not share content with a user However, if the sharing domain for the user with email address were set to, the authorization realm in which Jane would land would be, thus enabling sharing between two users in the authorization realm (sharing domain).

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