I need multiple e-mail addresses or domains aliases per account. How can I get them?
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By Jeroen van Meeuwen on September 15, 2020

An email alias means that if wonderland is an alias for alice, then alice@mykolab.com and wonderland@mykolab.com receive all their emails in the same account that belongs to Alice.

You are able to add e-mail aliases to your account yourself from within your dashboard, please see How do I created an alias

Note: Due to the high demand for aliases, we now require all aliases to have at least five characters for individual accounts

A domain alias means that if skywalker.com is an alias for darthvader.com, then luke@skywalker.com and luke@darthvader.com can both point to the same single account (if the user has this email alias set up). Domain aliases are implemented as full alias domains in an isolated tree of the directory service, which makes their administration require manual setup, so while we do not add a monthly service charge for them, the setup itself is typically charged at a one-time fee of 50 CHF.

Please note that at the moment we do not allow external aliases for domains that you do not own. You need at least be able to change its MX records. If you don’t control the domain otherprovider.com, you cannot use your mail@otherprovider.com address to send emails with MyKolab.

Should you need to create an alias on the fly, you can also use the + sign behind your existing e-mail alias to create virtual aliases on the fly to receive emails for addresses like alice+spam@mykolab.com. However, you can not use these + addresses to send emails, only receive them.