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By Mads Petersen on October 20, 2017

This article describes how to connect to Kolab Now with a generic ActiveSync client. In this example, John Doe is using a Samsung Android (9.0) device.

John wants to connect his Android device to Kolab Now, so he can see his calendars and work with his email on the train and in the park.


In the device menu he finds CLOUD AND ACCOUNTS -> Accounts.

He selects Add account and then Exchange (NOT Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync).


The Autodiscovery will work with most client apps, in which case one can just enter Email address and Password, and then press SIGN IN, but John decides to select MANUAL CONFIGURATION.

He enter the configuration data and press SIGN IN. His ActiveSync connection to Kolab Now is now ready.

Now he logs in to the webclient ( and go to Settings -> ActiveSync where he finds the entry of the device.

At the “Folders to Synchronize” tab he can select which data to synchronize to the device.

John can now select to work with the synchronized data in the native Android applications on his mobile device.

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