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By Michael Bohlender on October 10, 2019

Users with a ‘Regular Kolab now subscription’ have the option to make use of the calendar and contact list features in their Kolab Now account. This is of course practical when sitting at a computer, but it gets really interesting when you can get to your calendar anywhere via your smartphone. This article explains how to synchronize your Kolab Now calendar and contact list with your Android device.

  To synchronize your contacts and calendars with your Android phone via CardDAV & CalDAV,
install the open source app DAVx⁵ from the playstore. When the app is installed, create a local account:

Open DAVx⁵ and click on the plus button to add a new account.
Choose “Advanced login”, enter “” as the Base URL and your primary email address (the one you use to log into webmail) and your password.
Choose a name to identify the account.
You should now see the account.

Click on it and a select the address books and calendars you want to synchronize and press the “synchronize” button.

Your data (calendars and contacts) are now available in the standard Android apps (and other similar apps that are build on open standard use).