Generic IMAP Client Setup Guide

This article outlines the necessary settings for any generic IMAP client.

Note that most regular clients will use Automatic Configuration and Discovery when originally setting up the account. However, when account settings need to be verified or changed, this article outlines the desired configuration for generic IMAP clients.

IMAP Settings / Receiving Email

Setting NameValue
Port Number993
SSL/TLS (aka. Encryption or Security)SSL
AuthenticationAutomatic or Normal Password
UsernameYour Primary Email Address

SMTP Settings / Sending Email

Setting NameValue
Port Number587
SSL/TLS (aka. Encryption or Security)STARTTLS
AuthenticationAutomatic or Normal Password
UsernameYour Primary Email Address


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  1. It is confusing, YOU ask for the Primary Email Address. And then you say you have changed to What is happening to MY email address ending with ???

    • Hi Gudrun,

      your email address will remain the same, and only the server address will need to be changed.

      Nothing untoward will happen to your existing email address, and your address will remain valid even though the server addresses change.

  2. I’ve inputed the info correctly in the K-9 mail client, however it keeps saying authentication failure. Password and username is correct.

    • In case there’s others with the same problem, make sure the “two step authentication” option isn’t selected in your cockpit.
      Thanks again for the help kolab.

  3. Got a problem with VMware Boxer iOS app. Using generic imap parameters won’t connect to my mailbox. Using the provided “Exchange” parameters connects ok, but keeps crashing. Can you look into this?

    • We can’t look directly in to the VMWare Boxer iOS app you are referring to, but if you contacted and state your problem, perhaps we can exercise some troubleshooting on our servers to see what it is that goes wrong, if anything.

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