Get Spam Out of Your INBOX

Kolab Now doesn’t filter spam out of your INBOX aggressively — it is really up to the customer to decide what to do with spam, and how to treat spam. It isĀ discretionary. This article outlines how you could treat spam, in the form of a few suggestions.

Discard Definite Spam Messages

This little routine uses the X-Spam-Flag header, that is either non-existent (definitely not spam), or is set to YES, or NO.

Go to “Settings” -> “Filters”. Create a new filter called “Spam Block”. Note you should not need to create a new “Filter Set”, but you should have at least one “Filter Set” enabled.

Under “For incoming mail”, fill out the form as illustrated in the image on your right-hand side.

To discard the message(s), use “Delete message” under “… execute the following actions:”

Deliver Some Spam to the Spam Folder

This filter uses the X-Spam-Level header, that either does not exist (definitely not spam) or is a number of asterisks (*) indicating the score of the mail message.

Go to “Settings” -> “Filters”, if you are not there already. Create a new filter called “Spam to Spam”.

Under “For incoming mail”, fill out the form as illustrated in the image on your right-hand side. Note that in the example, I use 3 consecutive asterisks, basically indicating I want everything with a score of 3 or higher to be delivered to my Junk folder.

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  1. Crude, and not at all helpful. Why don’t you make Bogofilter available to users? And/or SpamAssassin?

    Spam is a major problem and dealing with it is not optional. Either you do as a service provider, or you are not serious.

    • I reckon this isn’t about the spam technology used (because we use SpamAssassin), but about whether users are able to adjust their own preferences and delivery options. The article describes the best option available to you today.

  2. How about (at a minimum) a function that when I use the “junk” button, it automatically creates a junk filter for that sender. I don’t want to take the time to make 100’s of rules for every unique spam domain. That’s what I pay Kolab a monthly fee for.

  3. Hi
    Kudos on spamassassin and giving us some flexibility here, probably best method out there
    Images on the right broken


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