Setting a password policy for users
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By Mads Petersen on February 12, 2022

The owner and admin of the group account, the group manager, can set a password policy for the users in the group account. This is done from the dashboard of the admin user:

On the dashboard, click the Settings button.

Settings for now only have one section: the Password Policies. Setting them here and clicking Submit will set the desired password policies for all users in the group account.

The users can see which password policies apply in their user profile.

Owners of Single user accounts also have the ability to set Password policies the same way. This can be done to make sure that one does not forget the risk associated with too simple and ‘easy to guess’ passwords.

A password can be complex on many levels, and yet have less value. ‘Abc123!!’ is satisfying many of the password policies, but it is still not a very good password. Here Dr Mike Pound of the Nottingham University is explaining password complexity.