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By Mads Petersen on October 9, 2017

Kolab Now users can create one or more aliases for their email. The alias needs to be available (e.g. not already in use by another user), and the fully qualified name needs to be within a domain available to the user and hosted in the Kolab Now infrastructure. This means that john.doe@kolabnow.com can make the alias  jd@kolabnow.com or john.doe@mykolab.com Рbut not john.doe@example.com (the domain mykolab.com is available on the Kolab Now infrastructure, but example.com is not).

To create a new alias John logs in to the Cockpit. He clicks on Users, clicks on the account he wants to change. Enters the desired alias in the Email aliases field and saves the account information by clicking Submit. the alias is now active, and messages to the alias will end up in John’s INBOX.

When John wants to send mail from his new alias, he logs in to the Web Client and goes to Settings -> Identities.

He enters a new identity with the new alias as the email address, and fills out any other information that he wants to use with the new identity. He also decides which identity he will as the default identity.

When composing a new email, John can now select which identity he wants to use as sender of the mail.

User accounts managed by Group Managers can not create aliases via the Cockpit themselves. Creation of aliases for such user accounts has to be performed by the Group Manager account owner.

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