How do I migrate my data to Kolab Now from another provider?
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By Mads Petersen on June 17, 2020

Moving your current emails and data to Kolab Now can be done with the help of our partner, Audriga. Open a request through a Kolab Now support ticket, and we provide you with a unique link to your entry of the Audriga service.

The prices for the migration are as follows:

8 CHF per box/user for email migration only (fully automatic)
15 CHF per box/user for full groupware migration (assisted, timing depends on availability)

Alternatively, you could move all your existing mail to Kolab Now yourself using the IMAP protocol. You can connect a native client program such as Thunderbird to both accounts and then simply drag and drop your mails over. An example is described in this kb article. For this manual migration you would need to know the user passwords of the old accounts and Kolab Now Accounts. Please note that each user under a domain account can do  the migration him or herself.

Depending on whether or not you would like only your mails or your contacts, calendar etc to be moved too then simply contact us so we can assist you in the best possible way.

For detailed information  kindly contact Kolab Now Support.