How much storage comes with my account?
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By Jeroen van Meeuwen on September 16, 2017

All user accounts come with 2 GB of storage free of charge. In IMAP parlance, this is called “quota”.

If you run out of storage, or need extra storage, you can purchase more space in the Cockpit. Login and find the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab in the top. Click the button: ‘EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS’ and scroll down the page to find the ‘Storage limit’. The price will be updated in real time accordingly and once saved, will be reflected on your next invoice.

Remember to click ‘UPDATE’ in the bottom of the page.

At the time of this writing, you may increase (or decrease!) in 1 GB intervals. Each additional 1 GB will charge you an approximate CHF 0,50 per month.

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