How much traffic am I allowed?

TLDR; There’s no restrictions to the amount of traffic, but certain bandwidth restrictions apply.

Traffic is “shaped”, meaning that any one connection’s use of bandwidth over a certain limit is scheduled with a lower priority than other traffic — but only the traffic going over the threshold is rescheduled.

In reality, this limits the bandwidth available to any one connection, should it go over the threshold, only if other traffic eats up sufficient bandwidth. Packets landing in the back of the queue doesn’t implicitly mean lowering the bandwidth for that connection. It more likely increases latency, and caps the TCP window scaling because of it. Effectively, you may end up limited in bandwidth as a side-effect of fairly balanced scheduling.


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  1. When I delete something with say 2MB, 1etc, do I have to do something further to get it off my system? i.e. I’ve been deleting a lot of emails that are heavier, 1,2,3MBS but the amount of space shown is decreasing rather than increasing.. So when it shows 35%, does that mean I have only 65% remaining.? i.e. it went from 30% to 35%/
    Thank you

    • Hi .F.W. Leyland,

      Quota usage isn’t really about traffic, but I get your question. You may want to “compact” the folder that the larger emails had been deleted from, and empty your Trash folder.

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