Why do I see my Calendar or Files folders in my Mail view?
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By Mads Petersen on October 17, 2017

All Kolab data is saved in IMAP folders, regardless of the type of data (Mail, Events, Files, Tasks… etc). An annotation on the IMAP folder establishes what type of content a client application is to expect; and how and where this data is presented to the user.

IMAP folder annotations can be set wrong for an amount of different reasons (such as an incident). Folders will then show up in the wrong application — or not at all — and data will not make much sense. Misconfiguration of the folder type will also cause client applications such as ActiveSync, CalDAV and CardDAV clients to show erratic behavior.

Here is how to verify and recover from missing or incorrect IMAP folder content type annotations:

John created a calendar called Private_Calendar, but he can not find it in the Calendar application.

In the mail app, John finds some folders that he didn’t expect to see there. One of them is called Private_Calendar.

When John looks at the content of this folder in the mail application, the content doesn’t really look like mail. That’s because of course Private_Calendar contains events, and not email messages.

John goes to “Settings” -> “Folders” and selects the folder called Private_Calendar. He sees that the Content Type is set to Mail. John changes it to Calendar and presses Save.

Going back to the Calendar application, John now sees the calendar Private_Calendar — as expected — and the contents are there too!

..and the Private_Calendar folder is not visible in his mail view anymore.

You may repeat this procedure for each folder that appears in the wrong place.

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