Clear Your INBOX by Exploiting Kolab Features

A little known feature of Kolab Now is the ability to deliver messages to a particular folder, depending on the address to which the message is sent.

Imagine a Kolab Now account Now imagine I use that account to register for some arbitrary service — lets say LinkedIn. I surely do not want too many erroneous LinkedIn notifications further cluttering my INBOX.

Perhaps I register my account with an email address of “”, rather than just “”. Maybe I create a folder called “linkedin”, in which I was going to sort this nonsense anyway.

Now, we all appreciate the powerful server-side filtering features of Kolab Now — however, you need not configure a separate filter with the following procedure;

  • Create a folder called “linkedin”,
  • Assign “anyone” the “Post” right (this is available in the access control “Advanced Mode”).

And there you have it. Messages sent to “” will now be available in the “linkedin” folder.

You can now imagine how a mailbox may look as follows;


and you can imagine the email addresses registered (yes, also exists).

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