Setting up an ActiveSync client

Kolab Now supports the use of the ActiveSync protocol for client connection. This knowledge base article is a short generic description of the setup procedure followed by a list of articles that describes how to do so on some well known clients.

Common for them all is the requirement of support for TLS 1.1 and later in the client / OS.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) at Kolab Now

NOTE: Please read the full article before proceeding with the configuration!

What is Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method that requires the input from two different sources for the authentication of a user on a system. Often these two factors are “something that you know” (your password), and “something that you have” (your smart-phone); Authentication now consists of confirming you know the combination of the username and password, and you have the smartphone that can generate a valid Time-based One-Time Password.

In contrast to a method which only requires input from one single source, e.g. the password, 2 Factor Authentication provides an extra level of protection, and the use of one-time passwords assures the credentials can not be replayed.

For more information, please take a look at this blogpost and Wikipedia.

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How do I create an alias?

Kolab Now users can create one or more aliases for their email. The alias needs to be available (e.g. not already in use by another user), and the fully qualified name needs to be within a domain available to the user and hosted in the Kolab Now infrastructure. This means that can make the alias or Рbut not (the domain is available on the Kolab Now infrastructure, but is not).

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