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By Michael Bohlender on September 15, 2020

Based on much user feedback Kolab Now deployed a new and revised payment system in September 2020. The system is giving users more control of when, how and how much is paid. The system is created so that users pay for the services that they used over the past month – not for what they think that they will be using during the coming month.The following is an overview of the system.


To use a service at Kolab Now you need a subscription for that service. You sign up for that service through the user account:

Login to the cockpit..
   Select ‘User accounts’..
..and select the subscriptions you desire.

All types of accounts are free of charge for the first month. After the first month, the price for the subscription is deducted from your account balance whenever a services has been rendered. This means that charges appear at the end of a subscription period (after a month of usage). You need to, either delete the account before the end of the first month, or make a payment, to make sure that the account balance is not dropping under 0.-

Where to pay

Users of Individual accounts will handle the payments through the wallet on their dashboard, where as Group account managers arrange payments through the wallet on the dashboard of the group admin account.

One time payments

You can top up your account balance by issuing one time payments via one of our several payment provider options, or you can set up auto-payment to top up your account whenever your balance runs low.

You can top up your wallet at any time to settle your account whenever your balance runs low. Go to the Wallet, click ‘Add credit’, add the amount that you wish to top up with.

Clicking ‘Continue’ gives you the payment options; at this time, Credit card or PayPal.

Should your balance become negative when a subscription fee is deducted, you will receive a notification. You then need to top up the balance. If it stays negative for too long, your account will be suspended and stay suspended until the account balance is not negative anymore.

You can find your account balance and payment options in your account settings  under ‘Wallet’.

Automatic payment

Instead of watching your account balance or reacting to notifications when your account balance runs negative, you can choose to setup automatic payment. You choose a limit and an amount. Whenever your account balance is under the selected limit, your selected payment method (e.g. your credit card) will be charged  for the selected amount.

If your account balance is already negative at the time when you set up the auto-payment, it will not trigger right away. You will see that the balance stays negative even after having set up the auto-payment. Don’t worry; The auto-payment will trigger the day before we are scheduled to send you the next warning notification mail. That way you will not receive that next notification.

Forms of payment

You can make payments to Kolab Now using PayPal, Credit Card and Direct Bank transfers.

Note that bank transfers are only available for yearly payments, and take some time to clear.