Can I upgrade an Individual account to a Group account?
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By Mads Petersen on November 17, 2018

After having used an Individual account for a while, some users want to expand their Kolab Now usage with the functionality offered by the Group account. Unfortunately it is not possible to just upgrade the Individual account to a Group account directly. Users have to create a new account and migrate to that account.

The procedure is the following:

  • Get a domain from a DNS provider
    • This can be any DNS provider like mydomain, godaddy or namescheap. The main requirement is, that you have access to configure the DNS records for the domain.
  • Open a Group account with Kolab Now
  • Move the mails that needs to be moved
    • This can be done through a desktop mail client like Thunderbird.
      • Configure both accounts in the desktop client
      • Drag’n drop the mails that needs to be moved across from the Individual account to the Group account.
  • Tell support the name and ID of the new group account through a support ticket. Any remaining funds will then be transferred to your new Group account
  • Delete your Individual account
    • Login to the Cockpit
    • find the Your profile button and push the red Delete account¬†button.
  • Celebrate your successful migration.

More info about group accounts in this knowledge base note


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