How can I (re-)set my password?
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By Jeroen van Meeuwen on September 29, 2017

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, and hence are unable to login, you can reset your password for the Webmail client and Dashboard at this page:


After entering your Kolab Now user name (e.g. ‘john.doe@kolab.org’) and clicking send ..

.. you will get redirected to a page that expects a confirmation code. At the same time, a mail will be send to your External email address with the confirmation code.

Entering the confirmation code into the page will redirect you to the Reset Password page.

If you do not receive the mail with the confirmation code, please make sure to check your Spam folder before contacting support.

I do not have access to my External email address

If a user of an Individual account forgot the password, can not login, and has no access to access to the External email address, then there is no way to reset the password. Please contact Support!

If a Group user doesn’t have access to the External email address, the group manager can assist the group user with the reset of password, either by setting a password, or by providing a unique link leading to the users Reset Password page.

The group manager find the users profile in the user account list.

Then scroll down to the Password buttons.

Selecting the Enter password button opens fields for entering a password.

Selecting the Set via link button provides the group manager with a unique link that can be used by the user to ..

.. open the users Set password page


A note about passwords

A Group manager has the option to set policies for the complexity of the passwords for users. This is described in more details in this kb article.


Another note about passwords